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Accounts Payable Management Services

Accounts Payable Process Flowchart

Davis Practice will take the responsibility of paying your bills on time and take those transactions off your hands! Accounts payable involves purchases that are made by your business from suppliers. You are paying for the goods on account or on credit. It is important to keep track of your purchases so you will be able to pay for them in the time allotted. Davis Practice will take care of your accounts payable by processing all of your invoices and send your payments to the correct suppliers.

The Davis Practice Process:

  • You scan into your secure portal (provided by us).
  • We will process payment for your invoices (if it’s a typical invoice).
  • The payment is sent to your vendor and the transaction recorded in books.
  • We will submit the invoice to you for approval if non-typical or questionable.
  • You can deny the invoice and we return to you or you approve can the invoice.

Any invoices must represent what the company ordered, what the company received, and the cost/totals. Accounts payable is an important step in the accounting process, and it is critical to make sure all invoices are filed accurately.

Located in Longmeadow, MA, Davis Practice can assist your business with your accounts payable and any accounting needs. We serve parts of Western MA, including Hampden, Chicopee, West Springfield, and Holyoke, and Northern CT, including Granby, Enfield, and Windsor Locks.

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